Diogenes Laertius Silva de Oliveira Filho, 19 de December de 2017, 12:55

At the 12th Internet Governance Forum, held in Geneva, the Youth Observatory released the Portuguese and English versions of its first book, "Analyses of a Connected Youth: Internet Governance". The project is the result of an open call that selected articles from 23 Latin American youths, mostly women, from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. In 19 texts - academic and opinion articles, essays and interviews - they address some of the main topics of discussion in Internet Governance today, such as digital rights, cybersecurity, gender, cultural goods and content, and digital inclusion.

The Spanish edition of the book had already been released in YouthLACIGF, held on the occasion of LACIGF10, in Panama City, in August of this year.

The book was made possible by the collaborative and voluntary work of young people engaged in the ecosystem of Internet Governance, both the authors and the editorial and evaluation Committee. Through the project, we seek to show the power of youth to reflect, discuss and propose solutions to the challenges we face today when we talk about the relationship between technology and society.

Our thanks also go to Internet Society and SaferNet Brazil, who sponsored the project and helped us to carry it out. The book is available under a Creative Commons license and can be downloaded through the links:

Portuguese: bit.ly/livro_youth_pt

Spanish: bit.ly/libro_youth_esp

English: bit.ly/book_youth_en