We are the voice of youth

The “Youth Observatory” is a project created by the members of the Youth SIG of the Internet Society (ISOC), which seeks to build a participative platform which uses different tools in order to bring the knowledge of the governance and the Internet’s principles to the youth, no matter the language, sex, race, religion, building new capacities among them.

We note, through our own experience, that there is a lack of an identity that allows us to unite young people as a group within Internet Governance. In this sense, the Observatory aims to create a "Youth Identity". This means that we want, with the participation of all, to build a community where our views on Internet are heard, debated and joined with the other actors’ views.

This is why the main objective of the Observatory is to generate interest among the youth about the core issues related to Internet Governance. Therefore we want to make a “youth to youth” exchange of knowledge . As to fulfil this, you will find in this web page opinions, texts, courses and tons of information and resources, that are useful to enable all of us to participate in the discussions about Internet.



If you are interested in our idea and want to be part of this project, you can send your application for membership (free of charge!) through https://portal.isoc.org/home. Here you will have to create an ISOC Global account and send the application for the "Youth SIG" by clickin in the tab “My Chapters”. Doubts? No problem! Send us an e-mail to contact@obdjuv.org.


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