Elisson Diones, 22 de March de 2017, 23:33

The Youth Observatory was formed in 2016 as the first Internet Society Special Interest Group, the SIG Youth from the incentive of young latin americans who were part of the first Youth @ IGF project and participated in the Internet Governance Forum of 2015.

Throughout a year, we managed to expand our borders and conquer important spaces within the Internet ecosystem; we know that it is necessary to continue the fight for the recognition of young people as actors in the discussions on Internet Governance.

One of the main projects of the Youth Observatory on 2016 was the Youth LACIGF, an event celebrated along with the Latin American and Caribbean Preparatory Meeting for the Internet Governance Forum (LACIGF) in San José, Costa Rica, with the objective to discuss with the young people of the region, topics regarding the Internet.  The Youth Observatory was present in the LACIGF with an intense participation in the discussions promoted by the event, with representatives in the discussion panels, asking questions about the debates promoted, and looking for a plural space of ideas and experiences of the local reality of their countries.

The Observatory also organized a conference on the VI Internet Forum in Brazil. The event allowed the young people to reflect the diversity that exists in the different contexts and the plurality of points of view and ideas. That experience was repeated in other national forums where young people shared their stories and experiences. These exchanges allowed the sum of efforts for greater participation of young people in discussions on the Internet governance at the national level.

Members of the Observatory have participated in ICANN events, Internet Governance forums in their countries, in the Internet Freedom Festival and in other different spaces to discuss important issues related to the Internet ecosystem, besides being part of The South School of Internet Governance and  taking the lead in their countries by being part of the different Internet Society chapters.

In collaboration with civil society Safernet Brazil, we carry out activities and analysis of critical issues for young people and the construction of their identity on the Internet, in cities such as Recife (in support of OAB / PE), Natal and João Pessoa, in Brazil

The Youth Observatory  had an outstanding participation in the BPF on Gender and Access, a Best Practice Forum of the Internet Governance Forum in Zapopan, Jalisco, in order to study Internet and Gender. As a result of this participation, the Gender Youth project was created with the aim of studying gender issues and accessibility in relation to youth. As the first result of the Gender Youth contribution, the Declaration of Young Women of America was launched last November.

We will like to thank all those who have supported us in this first year: tutors, institutions, associations, ISOC members, ICANN, civil society organizations and much more, thank you for believing and relying on the work of Youth Observatory. Thanks to the young people who have joined this project:  we are an excellent team today, all because of you. 

In 2017 more projects are to come and we hope you like to continue to support us.

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